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Balancing act

“Real wisdom is recognizing and accepting that every experience is impermanent. With this insight you will not be overwhelmed by ups and downs. And when you are able to maintain an inner balance, you can choose to act in ways that will create happiness for you and for others. Living each moment happily with an equanimous mind, you will surely progress toward the ultimate goal of liberation from all suffering.”
-S.N. Goenka


Atta-dīpā viharatha,
Atta-saraṇā, anañña-saraṇā.
Dhamma-dīpā viharatha,
Dhamma-saraṇā, anañña-saraṇā.


Make an island of yourself,
Make yourself your refuge; there is no other refuge.
Make Dhamma your island,
Make Dhamma your refuge; there is no other refuge.

[Mahā-Parinibbāna Sutta, Dīgha Nikāya, 16]

Gutsier Living

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive”  

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What you may not realize about Yoga

“Yoga is the most sophisticated spiritual tradition in the world. It is also the oldest continuous endeavor to map the path from the valley of spiritual ignorance to the peak of enlightenment, and it offers the largest assemblage of practical tools for self-transformation and self-transcendence. Think of Yoga as an experiment that has been conducted for at least five millennia by millions of practitioners, including thousands of advanced realizers, and a small but consequential group of truly great masters.”…